Surfing the ReadWave — or: Another Place to Follow me, Horay!

Guys and girls, I have read the future, and the future is glorious.

As you might’ve noticed, all stories published on this site were originally uploaded to Scribd and then embedded here in widget form. Even though I always found this particular platform to be clunky, cluttered and generally a pain to deal with, it was still the best option I could find. Until now.

Enter: ReadWave, Scribd’s vastly more appealing  twin. This is what readers and writers have been waiting for: A YouTube-like platform for the written word. Better yet, ReadWave’s primary focus is on fiction. Finding, reading and sharing stories you enjoy is just as easy as uploading, tagging and editing your own content. You should check it out! I’ve already migrated all my content from Scribd to ReadWave and will continue to upload new material there. You can find my profile right here.

Stories will, of course, also be embedded right here on my own website for your reading pleasure.

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